Anna Maria Island Weather: What to Expect on Your Vacation

When choosing a place to vacation, you’re always looking for a location where the weather is going to be nice most of the time. No one wants to travel someplace and run into inclement weather during their vacation. It is for this reason that Anna Maria Island is a popular vacation destination for those seeking warm weather, which is what makes vacationing in Florida so enjoyable. Florda is known for allowing time for fun in the sun and lounging on beaches. When booking your Anna Maria Island vacation rentals, you may want to consider locations and the time of year you plan on visiting Anna Maria Island to ensure that you have a vacation experience you desire.

Anna Maria Island Location

AMI’s location in the Gulf Coast, midway down the Florida peninsula, brings pleasant weather year-round. Because of the relatively mild temperatures, there are many people that travel to Anna Maria Island during the colder seasons for warmer days. It is important to note that while the weather is generally sunny and warm, there are times when it can get quite humid. This is to be expected with all the surrounding water. If you enjoy warm weather, but you aren’t a fan of humidity, it is best that you consider Anna Maria Island weather thoroughly before booking your trip.

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Winter would be considered one of the busiest seasons on Anna Maria Island. This is because the weather here is usually very mild, which is quite attractive to those that are living in colder climates. Many people refer to this as a “snowbird” season, where people from northern cities and countries come to Florida for the warm, mild temperatures. On average, temperatures during the winter are around the 70s for a high and the 50s for a low. This is pretty nice considering most places in the United States during the winter are dealing with temperatures at or below freezing with snowy, inclement weather. The best months to experience winter on Anna Maria Island are December through February.

Going into the spring months in Anna Maria Island, the area still sees a lot of tourist activity, but as you move away from March, the crowds become smaller as people begin to return to their home states for the spring and summer season. Typically, the average temperature in Anna Maria Island during the spring is around a high of 80 with lows in the 60s. Rainfall during the spring season is typically low around 3 inches, so you shouldn’t have to worry about dealing with too much rain during your spring vacation on Anna Maria Island.


Summertime in Anna Maria Island can be hot! The average high temperature is around 90° with lows in the 70 to 80-degree range. In addition to the heat, it can also get quite humid, making it feel a lot hotter than it really is. Likewise, it does tend to rain a bit more during the summertime with an average of about 7-9 inches of rain. If you are using Mainsail Vacation Rentals to book lodging for your trip to Anna Maria Island during the summer, make sure to pack light clothing and ample swimwear so that you can enjoy cooling off in the water during the day. Nightfall is a great time to come out and enjoy Anna Maria Island as the temperatures have fallen.

If you’re looking to enjoy Anna Maria Island without the hustle and bustle associated with the tourist season, fall is the perfect time of year to visit. September through October brings cooler temperatures that average around a high of the mid-80s to lows in the 60s. At the beginning of fall, chances of rain average around 8 inches but decrease to about 3 inches the closer it gets to winter. Because this is one of the least busy times of the year in Anna Maria Island, this is the perfect time to visit to explore things to do on Anna Maria Island.

Knowing the weather on Anna Maria Island will help you plan your trip to the island for the time and experience that you desire. Contact us today for more information on our Anna Maria Property Management services and to learn more about our rentals.


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