Rent a Golf Cart on Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is a well-kept secret among Florida destinations, and this laid-back island is ideal for a Florida getaway. Stroll along the streets and wave to the locals as you explore this 7-mile stretch of land with activities for everyone. Since the island is small, there’s not much need for a car, and you can easily walk between destinations. However, if you do still want something with wheels, why not a golf cart? This versatile vehicle is the perfect way to move about the island while maintaining that easygoing vibe.

Anna Maria Island Life

Anna Maria Island is known for its relaxed, Old Florida lifestyle. This island has flown under the radar of many tourists and spring break crowds, so you won’t see any high rises or big-name hotels. Instead, you’ll find Anna Maria Island vacation rentals that blend right in with the locals’ homes and make you feel like one of them for your stay. The business owners are often natives to the area, and many walk, bike, or ride golf carts from place to place.

This island places a big emphasis on slowing down and enjoying your surroundings. Sure, you can sightsee on AMI, but a big itinerary may get in the way of true relaxation. Take your time at meals, enjoy the view of the water, and stop to chat with your neighbors and local business owners. You’ll fit right in no time!

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Why a Golf Cart?

Taking advantage of an Anna Maria Island golf cart rental is the ideal way to navigate the island. They are incredibly convenient, holding exactly the right amount of equipment and allowing you to get to your destination quickly and easily. You’ll feel like you live on the island while you blend in with the rest, passing other golf carts as you enjoy the view.

Finally, what better reason to rent a golf cart than pure fun? There’s no better feeling than laughing with your loved ones while the breeze blows through your hair, knowing you’re on your way to make unbelievable memories with those you love most.

Where to Rent a Golf Cart

Luckily, there are plenty of local businesses that rent golf carts for affordable prices and ensure that the process is quick and easy. One of the most popular spots is Beach Bums Recreational Rentals, located at 427 Pine Avenue. Their golf carts are completely electric and street legal, making it easy for you and your family to explore the island safely. Be sure to visit their website for an extensive pricing breakdown. You can also rent other equipment like paddle boards, bicycles, and more. If you are interested in renting a golf cart on Anna Maria Island, contact Beach Bums.

Another great stop is Robinhood Rentals at 9802 Gulf Drive. Their gas-powered, street legal carts can hold 4 or 6 passengers. You can also rent bikes, scooters, and kayaks, as well as book an eco-tour or browse the gift shop.

Anna Maria Island’s golf carts make it easy to explore the area, which your guests will truly appreciate. If you are looking to rent your Anna Maria Island home, contact us today for more information on our property management on Anna Maria Island.


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