Discover Beach Point on Anna Maria Island

Anna Maria Island is home to many little secrets and treasures among its 554 square miles.

Nestled away in the furthest reaches of Anna Maria Island is a delightful and captivating romantic locale. This location easily stands as one of the best beaches on the island, and definitely worth a trip any time of the day.

All About Beach Point

Beach Point, locally called Bean Point, is the northernmost tip of Anna Maria Island. It is a tranquil sandy beachside known for its quiet nature and direct walking paths. Undoubtedly off-the-beaten-path, you would never find this beach access point by just walking around and exploring. You have to seek it out.

Unlike other Anna Maria Island beaches, there’s not really a whole lot on Bean Point in the way of luxuries. This is, for many, the ideal way to see the beach. It wraps around the northern tip of the island, with its white sands and soft pebbles, perfect for a relaxing day listening to the waves. The beach is lined by foliage and maritime hammocks keeping the water from easily breaching the island.

Photo from Pixabay

On a clear day, you can see straight across the inlet. Passage Key National Wildlife Refuge is in sightline, and observant visitors will see a bridge into St Petersburg about 15 degrees east.

Wildlife is common at Bean Point. Visitors may find sand dollars tucked away in the sand and birds of prey angling for a fish up in the brush. Dolphin and manatee are both common sights, particularly in the early mornings and early evenings, though they are more common during the cooler months as they escape the cold waters of the deeper ocean for local inlets and waterways. We suggest visiting Anna Maria Island in January or February to catch a manatee sighting.

Locals and visitors alike will agree that Bean Point is an exceptional beach escape. No frills, no excess, and little noise- just a sprawling beach haven on the northern part of the island.

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Bean Point

How to Get There and Where to Park

Bean Point Beach on Anna Maria Island is small. If you don’t intentionally stop and look for signage and maybe a few other vehicles, you are bound to miss it.

Keep in mind that Bean Point is in and around a residential community. Please be respectful of your beachgoing neighbors and the community as you visit. We suggest taking advantage of one of the Anna Maria Island bike rentals, as you can easily access Bean Point Beach via bicycle.

You will find the entrance to bean Point at North Bay Blvd & North Shore Dr.

Nearby Activities and Attractions

Anna Maria Island attractions are plentiful and varied all year round. If you focus entirely on the northern half of the island around the point, you can discover lots of great attractions. We love showcasing the piers of Anna Maria Island for the Old Florida vibes they provide. The Anna Maria Island Historical Society is a captivating free history museum showing off the area’s oldest jail and a 1920’s icehouse.

Finally, you’ll find downtown Anna Maria, home to shops, boutiques, art galleries, cozy restaurants, and activities, like kayak rentals and snorkeling. If you stay at the local Anna Maria Island vacation rentals, you are sure to discover some amazing and idyllic Florida fun.